What is Fund That Sound?

Fund That Sound is an innovative music funding platform providing a direct link between fans, families, brands, private companies, and artists in order to create transparent “win-win” results for all parties involved. It is restricted to a handful of exclusive, high quality music projects, which are subject to a strict selection process.

This service is provided by the Non-profit foundation Fund That Sound which has been created in 2014 by a pioneering team of renowned international producers and experienced music professionals which makes it a unique organisation worldwide.

Talent Scouting

At Fund That Sound, we work with international producers, managers, musicians, and music representatives. All of our professionals are constantly exploring their networks, visiting concerts and festivals to find new talents for our platform.

Our main criteria of choice? Our gut feeling and love for the music… Regardless of genre.

If you are a band or artist and want to discuss your project with one of our team member, please contact us!

Artist Guidance

When a band or an artist joins us, we work closely with them in order to make a solid project plan.

We discuss the artistic direction (sometimes in collaboration with AnR’s from labels), assemble a production team, study the artist’s material to see if it can be improved, evaluate the production costs, and guide artists through the funding steps with the help of our platform and network of companies.

Every single step of a successful music project is closely studied in order to get the best possible artistic and commercial result.


Fund That Sound is not a record company,  a crowd funding website, or a sponsor… It’s the missing link between all three!

We do offer a crowd funding system which allows fans to support their favorite artist, but we also work closely with an expansive consequent network of brands and companies. Their support can of course be financial, but more importantly, they can offer a window to media exposure which is very important for the success of the projects.

Every project receives careful, individual attention in order to find the best plan possible for the artists and their funders.

Music Producing

Our creative team is made up of some of Europe’s most successful producers, joining forces in order to get the best out of the projects. Together with the artists and their existing teams we make a non-concession statement for the sake of the music. Collaboration for quality is our ultimate goal.

Thanks to our collaboration with Wisseloord Studios we guarantee the best recording facility in the Benelux countries : a world-class recording facility with a highly qualified team, all in a wonderful surrounding.

Sharing Music

With the standard crowd funding websites, there is rarely any follow-up. The projects get funded…and then? Not much! Fund That Sounds works differently.

First of all, our team has worked for decades with artists and music labels from all over the world. We have access to publishers, pluggers, bookers, and more who join us to take our projects as far as possible. For brand-funded projects, artists get the chance to see their music used in commercials, perform sponsored live acts, and much more.

Perpetuity of projects

The philosophy behind Fund That Sound doesn’t stop at reinventing music funding, helping bands, singers and projects… We go even further than this.

We invite the artists who found success with the help of Fund That Sound to reach back and help newcomers.

“Don’t forget where you came from!”

Crowd funding

On our website, you can find all the projects that you can support. The possible pledges start at 5€ and you can choose freely what you are willing to offer in exchange of any kind of reward.
At the Checkout, we will need your name, address, and email address, in order to process your donation.
 If you wish to donate in nature, or directly to the Foundation, you can contact us by email HERE or directly at info@fundthatsound.com
All payments are safe and hosted by the payment portals Pay.nl or Paypal. You can pay by Paypal, iDeal and Visa/Mastercard. Your donations come safely to Fund That Sound until your chosen project reaches its target goal of 100% funding. At that moment, the funds raised, minus the transaction costs of 8% (excl. VAT-BTW), are donated to the artists.
If you wish to donate in nature, or directly to the Foundation, you can contact us by email at : fundthatsound@gmail.com.
If a project doesn’t reach 100%, and is under 70% of its target goal, you will get a refund.
If the project does not reach 100% funding but is above 70% of its target goal, we will work together with the artist to find a possible new plan. We will then contact you in order to tell you what the new plan is. At this time you will have the opportunity to ask for a refund or decide to keep your donation active for the new plan.
When you make a donation to an artist, your money is saved on our payment portal account until the project reaches its 100% target goal. Until that moment, you can ask at any time for a refund. In that case you will get your full donation back minus 8% transaction costs.
When the 100% target is reached, no refund is possible.
If a project reaches 70% of its goal but not 100%, we will discuss a new plan with the artist and contact you in order to inform you of the new project form. You can then decide to ask for a refund, or decide to keep your donation active for the new plan.
When the campaign is successfully funded, the artist will get a list of all the names, addresses and email address of the donators, so that they can fulfill their engagements concerning the rewards.
One of the main differences between Fund That Sound and the other crowd funding websites in existence is the strict selection process that we carry out on our hosted projects. If you have any doubts about a project, you can always contact us by email. The artist is also always reachable by email on his or her profile page.
Fund That Sound is a Non-profit foundation, which can offer numerous fiscal advantages. You can find all the necessary information on tax deductions here and send us an email if you need a receipt to prove your payments.


If you are a Brand, a business or advertising specialist and wish to collaborate with an artist, click here!


The People...


This is a great boost for independant artists! Great initiative!

Mark E. AnR Manager

Amazing work on our project! We will surely collaborate further in the future!

Marloes J, Publisher

I literally could not be happier that you helped my project! Thanks to the whole team! M.

Manu D. Musician