Few good reasons to join Fund That Sound :

-You get artistic and financial support for your project

-You get some guidance through all the production steps 

-You are not attached to any label and stay owner of your music and rights

-You are surrounded by an experienced team of producers, managers, AnR’s, studios and business specialists.

-You get access to our exclusive Crowd funding platform

-You make a chance in getting connected to our advertising, brands and business partners

-You play a part in the success of the brands

-You get mediatic exposure related to the brand

If you want to present your musical project to the team of Fund That Sound and join our platform, feel free to send us a message!

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What does it cost?


Fund That Sound is a Non-profit foundation. Our business model in order to survive as a structure is totally transparent.

There is a fee of 100€ for the inscription costs. You get this money back if your funding campaign is successful! If your project is not reaching its target goal and the production step, we use this money in order to pay the refund costs of the donations.

When a campaign reaches its target goal, Fund That Sound is holding 8% of the donations as transaction costs. At the end of the year when the balance of the foundation is positive, all the potential profits are redistributed to the projects hosted.

Compared to the other funding platforms we are : CHEAPER, MORE COMPLETE AND EXPERIENCED IN THE MUSIC FIELD…