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Orange Grove has been around, through ups and downs, in leaps and bounds…always laying down that wicked sound and pound for pound the number one challenger in the underground. No joke!

Charismatic singer Michael Maidwell and close friend (and guitarist) Jacob Streefkerk met in high school on the island of St Maarten/St Martin. A few years later they formed the band, soon after leaving their island life behind them to attend university in the Netherlands. What started as a hip-hop group turned into one of the most unique blends of sound to come out of the Caribbean. With band members coming from St Maarten, the Netherlands, Germany and Italy, OG’s music is a melting pot of everything they love: traces of rock, hip-hop and reggae are splattered all over their sound. For more than 10 years they have continued to expand their fanbase from the Caribbean to Europe and beyond. This group of five dedicated and driven individuals forms an unstoppable assembly with one goal in sight: spreading their feel-good vibes to the world!

A Project By Orange Grove

We have just completed the writing for our third full length studio album and we are extremely confident that we now have the material to make this one our best yet! We have already recorded a handful of songs which will be on the album and the first we have released is “Easy Love”. Easy Love has quickly become our most shared, liked and commented on release in its first couple months, as well as our most played on the radio. We will soon be releasing another single which will end up on the album as well: “Some Things Last Forever” featuring Glennis Grace. These two songs should give you a good idea of the direction we have taken for this album. We look forward to producing a record which stands out from others in the mainstream, full of songs that fit beautifully into many moods and situations you experience throughout life.

With the money we raise from Fund That Sound we will be able to finish recording the album, get it all mixed and mastered as well as produce two new videoclips for single releases. We hope you would like to help us in our mission!

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