As a pledger, you are free to ask for a refund or order cancellation at any time BEFORE that the Campaign reaches the determined collection point and end of campaign. We will refund you the full amount donated minus 8% for the transaction costs.

When the 100% target is reached, no refund is possible. 

If a project reaches 70% of its goal but not 100%, Fund That Sound will discuss a new plan with the artist and contact you in order to inform you of the new project form. You can then decide to ask for a refund (no transaction costs), or decide to keep the donation active for the new plan.

If a project doesn’t reach its target goal, your full donation will be automatically fully refunded on your account (no transaction costs).


If you would like to ask for a refund or order cancellation, please send us an email HERE

Please mention your full name, the date of transaction, the project supported and the amount pledged.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your request has been processed.